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MEOWCTOPUS PIN: Super Extra Cranky Enamel Pin

MEOWCTOPUS PIN: Super Extra Cranky Enamel Pin

Behold, the second iteration of the Meowctopus enamel pin: SUPER-EXTRA CRANKY EDITION


Fear its cranky rage as it swipes at you with tiny tentacles for absolutely no reason whatsoever, even though it was just letting you pet its bulbous head.


The Meowctopus is an octopus with the inscrutable mind of a housecat. Beware its judgy eyeballs and swipey claws. Place this pin on your baby's fancy diaper or use it as a ninja-style throwing weapon when fighting your enemies. Either way, everyone around you will be filled with a jealous rage when they see you have this pin!


Along with this useless pin, you also get a fancy, 4" x 6", red foil-stamped backing card you can use to blind your enemies with by reflecting the sun into their eyes.

The pin is approximately 1 3/4" H x 1 1/4" W.


Meowctopus pin comes shipped in a paper-padded envelope (rather than using any plastic bubble wrap mailers), which adds a little bit to the pricing.


    All sales are final unles product has been damaged during shipping. 


    Pin & backing card will be shipped in an eco-friendly padded envelope.

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