I'm Nim Ben Reuven, a freelance Art Director, Custom Lettering Artist, Video Producer and Installation Designer living in Brooklyn, NY with a great affinity for elegant scripts, self-effacing humor and making all sorts of stuff out of cardboard. Somehow, I received a Bachelors Degree in Sociology from Rutgers University and a Master of Sciences in Communication Design from The Pratt Institute.


My work ranges from super fancy to totally not-fancy to downright weird but I sure do like mixing it up. I try not to take myself too seriously because, hey, it's just lettering and silly videos, right? I do have a pretty serious code of ethics when it comes to who I work with, though, and don't work with corporations that do harm to humans, animals, or the environment either with their products or their business practices. 


Sometimes I give workshops and sometimes I give talks. Hit me up if you're interested in either!