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Crypto Prawng Scam Book

Crypto Prawng Scam Book

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Each book order will come with a free 11"x17" poster designed by the amazing MOON PATROL. (see 2nd image in carousel) Printed on semi-gloss paper (and folded to fit into the envelope). GET EM WHILE THE LIMITED SUPPLIES LAST!


CRYPTO PRAWNG SCAM, the book, is finally here! This beautiful little edition was made possible by funding through a successful Kickstarter campaign and printed with exquisite attention to detail by Coeur Noir in Brooklyn, NY.

A true story about a wildy bizarre and chaotic interaction I had with a crypto currency scammer on WhatsApp over the course of four straight days of constant texting. Crypto Prawng Scam is unlike anything you've ever read and will leave you snickering for days and scratching your head at the seemingly unlimited willingness of the scammer to believe in an exponentially increasing ridiculousness of a story in order to grasp at a potentially huge payday.


Written in the format of unedited WhatsApp screenshots, this is a quick and entertaining read for anyone looking for a bit of bonkers-ness. The book itself is exquisitely printed in Brooklyn, NY, with both gold foil and a clear holographic foil that will melt eyeballs when the light hits it just right.

104pp; 5" x 7.5"


Each first-edition book is signed & numbered in a series of 300.

    $25.00 Regular Price
    $20.00Sale Price
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