• Nim Ben-Reuven


Updated: Feb 3


On Saturday, January 22, 2022, I received a chat on my WhatsApp communications platform. The format of the chat was immediately indicative of the way many scams begin on WhatsApp, drawing the victim into a seemingly benign conversation about random wrong number encounters, developing a friendly banter and then eventually convincing the victim to share information or passwords that can lead to accounts, especially linked to cryptocurrencies, getting hacked. I was fully aware going into this chat as to what the scammer's motives were and I planned to do a bit of gentle messing around and leading on until they got tired of me and moved on. But I was not prepared for the absolute ridiculousness that would ensue over the next 4 days as the scammer became more and more invested in my (bonkers) story and convinced that the conversation would result in some massive payday. *Images have been blurred for copyright issues. Also, if you have WhatsApp, make sure to disable the Automatic Image/File download in your settings & chat options and never click on any image or link someone you don't know sends you. It could allow them the ability to hack and disable your account.

CHAPTER 1: I am Prawng / The Promise of Cryptobitcoin.

CHAPTER 2: Mr Alan / Toilet Time.

CHAPTER 3: Shrimp & Guns.

CHAPTER 4: Bank of the New Dawn

CHAPTER 5: The Saturn Motel / The Order of the Dark Dawn Arrives.

EPILOGUE: Betrayal.

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